New Anchorage—Aniak schedule in effect. Service 5x/weekly, Monday through Friday.

*** If your desired passenger flight is in less than 16 hours, please call the appropriate Ryan Air station to inquire about booking an available seat over the phone. 

Passenger Schedule

1 Monday, 2 Tuesday, 3 Wednesday, 4 Thursday, 5 Friday, 6 Saturday 

Anchorage Passenger Schedule
Flight Number Days of Operation Departure Departing Time Arrival Arrival Time
102 12345 Anchorage 1000 Aniak 1115
102 12345 Aniak 1200 Anchorage 1315
Aniak Passenger Schedule
Flight Number Days of Operation Departure Departing Time Arrival Arrival Time
910 123456 Aniak 830 Holy Cross 855
910 123456 Holy Cross 905 Anvik 920
910 123456 Anvik 930 Grayling 945
910 123456 Grayling 955 Shageluk 1010
910 123456 Shageluk 1020 ANI 1100
920 123456 Aniak 1100 Kalskag 1115
920 123456 Kalskag 1125 Russian Mission 1150
920 123456 Russian Mission 1200 Aniak 1230
930 135 Aniak 1300 Chuathbaluk 1310
930 135 Chuathbaluk 1320 Crooked Creek 1345
930 135 Crooked Creek 1355 Red Devil 1410
930 135 Red Devil 1420 Sleetmute 1430
930 135 Sleetmute 1440 Stony River 1500
930 135 Stony River 1510 Aniak 1600
696 123456 Aniak 1630 Bethel 1715
102 12345 Aniak 1200 Anchorage 1315
102 12345 Anchorage 1000 Aniak 1115
Bethel Passenger Schedule
Flight Number Days of Operation Departure Departing Time Arrival Arrival Time
610 123456 Bethel 830 Chevak 920
610 123456 Chevak 930 Hooper Bay 945
610 123456 Hooper Bay 955 Scammon Bay 1015
610 123456 Scammon Bay 1025 Bethel 1115
620 123456 Bethel 1145 Meykoryuk 1245
620 123456 Mekoryuk 1255 Tooksook Bay 1315
620 123456 Tooksook Bay 1325 Tununak 1345
620 123456 Tununak 1355 Bethel 1440
650 123456 Bethel 830 Atmautluak 845
650 123456 Atmautluak 855 Marshall 930
650 123456 Marshall 940 St. Mary’s 1010
695 123456 Bethel 830 Aniak 915
St. Mary's Passenger Schedule
Flight Number Days of Operation Departure Departing Time Arrival Arrival Time
710 123456 St. Mary’s 1130 Pilot Station 1140
710 123456 Pilot Station 1150 St. Mary’s 1200
720 123456 St. Mary’s 1230 Mountain Village 1240
720 123456 Mountain Village 1250 St. Mary’s 1300
730 123456 St. Mary’s 1630 Pilot Station 1640
730 123456 Pilot Station 1650 Marshall 1715
730 123456 Marshall 1725 Bethel 1800
Unalakleet Passenger Schedule
Flight Number Days of Operation Departure Departing Time Arrival Arrival Time
510 123456 Unalakleet 830 St. Michael 900
510 123456 St. Michael 910 Stebbins 920
510 123456 Stebbins 930 Unalakleet 1000
520 123456 Unalakleet 1030 Shaktoolik 1050
520 123456 Shaktoolik 1100 Koyuk 1120
520 123456 Koyuk 1130 Unalakleet 1215

For questions or changes to an existing reservation, please contact the station of your departure:

Aniak 907-675-4295
Anchorage 907-562-2227
Bethel 907-543-3652
St. Mary’s 907-438-2033
Unalakleet 907-624-3200

Passenger Information, Rules, and FAQ

What kind of luggage can I bring?

You are allowed one bag at a maximum of 50 lbs. each per person free of charge. Additional baggage will be charged at $30 for the 2nd bag, $40 for the 3rd bag and $100 for any bag 51 lbs-100 lbs.  Oversize and bags over 101 lbs. will be charged at the per pound freight rate for the destination.  Additional bags will be on a space available basis.


Hazardous Materials & Firearms:

Department of Transportation requires that all items considered or containing hazardous materials must be declared at the time of check-in. Common hazard items include: Bear spray, batteries, explosives, combustibles and items containing flammables. If you are unsure if your item contains hazardous materials, ask a Customer Service Agent. Also see CFR Title 49 Part 172. Hazmat fees apply ($30).


Refunds and transfers

All tickets are valid for use only on flights operated by Ryan Air. Tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. No refunds will be issued after 90 days from date of purchase. Flight changes are permitted free of charge as long as it is changed at least 24 hours prior to scheduled departure. Changes less than 24 hours in advance are charged $40 per change. No Show for flights are charged $40. Tickets can be transferred between passengers.

How do I contact my village agent?

Village Agents are local contacts in your community. For the status of your flight contact your local village agent or call the Ryan Air hub which your flight originated. If you can’t reach your agent or need more information, call our Main Office @ 907 562-2227.


Check in Information:

Passenger check-in is one hour prior to departure. Boarding will begin 20 minutes before scheduled departure. Failure to check-in on time will result in the cancellation of reserved seat(s) and a $40 no show fee.  Must be checked in 30 minutes prior to departure time.

There may be occasions when aircraft flights may depart before or after scheduled times.

To maintain an on-time operation and as courtesy to other passengers our aircraft will not be held for late-arriving passengers.

One infant under two (2) years of age, not occupying a seat, may be carried free of charge with a full fare adult passenger.

An unaccompanied child age five (5) through eleven (11) must have a responsible adult designated at the destination prior to flight’s departure and will be charged an adult fare.

FAA requires we account for actual passenger weight on each of our flights. Please provide Customer Service Agents your weight at the time of check-in.

Customers in need of special arrangements or assistance can contact the local Ryan Air Station Manager.


Animals, guns, and odd-shaped luggage

Animals need to be in kennels. Guns need to be unloaded. We can accommodate most odd-shaped luggage as long as it can fit through the loading doors of the plane and fit within our cargo space. For larger items contact the customer service agent for oversize rules.


Service Animals (Ryan Air does not allow emotional support animals in the open cabin)

In keeping with ADA regulations, we make every effort to accommodate service animals. However, our planes do not have a separation between the cockpit and the cabin, and loose animals can be a threat to the safety of the flight. Our pilots will work with you to determine the best restraint mechanism that will allow you to be near your service animal, while also maintaining the safety of the flight. If it is necessary to stow your animal in a kennel, you will not be charged the standard pet transport fee. The Service Animal must have a leash and up to date immunizations.

Emotional support / live animals must be in a kennel and will be charge the Live Animal rate (freight exception rate 140%).


Reservations / Changes:

All reservations must be paid in full at time of booking. Any unpaid reservations will be waitlisted on the flight until payment has been confirmed.

Cancellations or changes must be made at least 24 hours prior to your departure time to avoid a $40 short notice change fee or no-show $40 fee.

Passengers who fail to call, show up, and/or check in for flights will be charged a $40 no show fee and will result in the cancellation of the onward or return reservation flight segments of your itinerary.

The ticket value less any applicable fees is good (1) one year from the original date of purchase.

Payments and/or changes to reservations may be made at any Ryan Air office or by phone.



Time limitation for refund requests is (1) one year from the date of original purchase. Refunds will be credited to the original purchaser and made in the original form of payment. A refund can be requested at any Ryan Air office.


Flight Delays or Flight Cancellations:

Due to varied routes, changing weather conditions, and extenuating circumstances, there are occasional delays and/or cancelled flights. Arrival & departure times are often accurate but cannot be guaranteed.

All flights are conducted weather permitting. Flights cancelled due to weather will require you to reschedule with an agent for the next available flight.

Other expenses incurred due to weather, including penalties by other airlines, are the full responsibility of the passenger. Alternate methods of transportation may be suggested by our customer service agents; however, Ryan Air is not responsible for providing other means of transportation.


Anyone who poses a threat of any kind maybe refused service.

Baggage and cargo of potentially dangerous or of suspicious nature may be searched by TSA, a Ryan Air agent, or local law enforcement agents.