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If you have any questions about air cargo tracking, air freight, mail delivery, or passenger services, please fill out the Contact form or give us a call. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Anchorage Corporate Office
Spencer Shroyer, Station Manager
6400 Carl Brady Drive, Anchorage AK 99502
Phone: 907.562.2227
Fax: 907.563.8177

P.O. Box 113, Aniak AK 99557
Phone: 907.675.4295
Fax: 907.675.4730

P.O. Box 732, Bethel AK 99559
James Ferguson, Station Manager
Phone: 907.543.3652
Fax: 907.543.3657

P.O. Box 209, Emmonak AK 99581
Marvin Kelly, Station Manager
Phone: 907.949.1377
Fax: 907.949.1400

P.O. Box 727, Kotzebue AK 99752
Rodney Eakin, Station Manager
Phone: 907.442.3347
Fax: 907.442.2147

P.O. Box 790, Nome AK 99762
Justin Polayes, Station Manager
Phone: 907.443.5482
Fax: 907.443.3157

St. Mary’s
P.O. Box 197, St. Mary’s AK 99658
William Riley, Station Manager
Phone: 907.438.2033
Fax: 907.438.2830

P.O. Box 127, Unalakleet AK 99684
Norman Haugen, Station Manager
Phone: 907.624.3200
Fax: 907.624.3226

Anchorage Maintenance
Phone: 907.771.2307

Unalakleet Maintenance
Phone: 907.624.5200

PRIA requests and 49 CFR Part 40 Drug & Alcohol Requests: 

Send PRIA requests to [email protected]

Send 49 CFR Part 40 Drug & Alcohol requests to Human Resources at [email protected]

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